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Orland Park Vehicular Hijacking Attorney

Tinley Park Criminal Defense Lawyer for Charges of Vehicular Hijacking or Vehicular Invasion

Not too long ago, there were no vehicular hijacking laws on the books in Illinois. Prior to 1993, any hijacking of a vehicle would be charged as Armed Robbery. Additionally, to counter the possibility that a minor child may be in the vehicle at the time of the vehicular hijacking, the General Assembly have included this circumstance as an aggravating factor to Vehicular Hijacking, thereby increasing the penalties.

Regarding the above aggravating factors, it is important to note that knowledge of the existence of these factors (or lack thereof) does not mitigate the charges. So if an individual hijacks a vehicle and, only after the hijacking, realizes there is a sleeping baby in the backseat, the person would not be able to escape a charge of Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking.

The Sentence

  • Class X Felony
  • 6 to 30 years in state prison
  • Fine of up to $25,000
  • Must serve at least 85% of prison term

Probation Possible? No.

Supervision Possible? No.

Vehicular Invasion

Vehicular Invasion, an offshoot of Vehicular Hijacking, makes it a crime to reach into someone's vehicle without their permission when that individual intends to commit theft or a felony. One key issue is the requirement of "by force." While opening someone's door or breaking the glass clearly establishes the "by force" element, a questions arises when the vehicle's window is completely, or partially, down. In this case, an argument can be made that no force was present and the Vehicular Invasion law has not been violated.

The Sentence

  • 4 to 15 years in state prison
  • Fine of up to $25,000
Probation Possible? – Yes.Supervision Possible? – No.

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