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Orland Park Weapons Crimes Defense Lawyer

DuPage County Weapons Crimes Defense Lawyer

Tinley Park Criminal Defense Attorney for Charges Related to Possession or Use of Firearms or Other Weapons

Recent years have seen a push for stricter gun laws, both nationwide and in the State of Illinois. Gun violence has been at the forefront of the minds of legislators and the public. Because of this, prosecutors are very strict in the prosecution of Gun Crimes.

All gun crimes are serious, and have potential serious ramifications in your personal life, and additionally for your criminal history record. Having a conviction for a gun crime on your record can seriously hinder your ability to get a job or continue your current job. Additionally, a conviction for a gun crime on your record is an alert and warning to police who stop you for even a minor traffic violation and can lead to more serious issues and charges. For instance, if the police know that you have a history of a conviction of a gun crime, that knowledge could justify a search of your person for the safety of the officer. Any time the police are allowed to search a person, the potential for being charged with a crime increases.

A gun crime can be a misdemeanor – where the maximum sentence of incarceration is 364 days in county jail – or a felony – where, if a person is sentenced to jail time, the minimum jail sentence is 1 year in the state penitentiary. No matter what the charge, it is important that you have an experienced attorney representing you when you are charged with a gun crime.

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