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Orland Park Joint Injuries Lawyer

Attorney for Injuries to Knees, Shoulders, Ankles, or Elbows

Joint injuries caused by an accident typically involve injuries suffered to the knee, ankle, shoulder or elbow. When these areas of the body are injured in an accident the effects on your life can be particularly drastic. An injury to the knee or ankle can severely restrict or entirely eliminate your ability to move around and perform the functions of your everyday life. Injuries to your shoulder and elbow, while not affecting your ability to be mobile, can significantly reduce your ability to perform simple everyday tasks such as washing your hair or reaching to get objects out of overhead cabinets.

Joint injuries can occur in many different ways. With knee injuries, there can be injuries to the cartilage or meniscus, strains of the ligaments or tears of the tendons. Injuries to the shoulder, also referred to as rotator cuff injuries, involve injury to the muscles and tendons which connect the shoulder blade to the upper arm bone. And injuries to the ankle most commonly take the form or ankle sprains or fractures which can affect the ligaments and tendons in that area of the body.

Regardless of the type of joint injury suffered, the range of treatment options will remain similar. For minor joint injuries the treatment can be as simple as resting and icing the injured area and taking pain medications as needed. For more serious joint injuries treatment can range from short or long term physical therapy, the need to wear a brace, steroid injections, or in the most serious cases, even surgery.

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If you or a loved one has suffered a joint injury as the result of a car accident or any other type of accident, contact me today for an initial consultation. You may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you suffered, and with over 10 years of experience representing clients with joint injuries, I have the expertise and resources necessary to get you the full compensation you deserve.

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