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Orland Park White Collar Crime Lawyer

Joliet Fraud Defense Lawyer

Will County Criminal Defense Attorney for Fraud, Embezzlement, or Forgery Charges

“White Collar Crime” can involve theft, embezzlement, forgery, mail fraud, insurance fraud, and more. Issues involved in most white collar crimes are complex and complicated and are therefore open to numerous avenues of defense. If you have been accused of a white collar crime in Orland Park or Suburban Cook County or Will County, we have the experience and knowledge to aggressively and competently defend you.

As an experienced Orland Park white collar crimes attorney, Khaled Issa has over 10 years of experience and is capable of handling even the most challenging cases. When you retain the services of Attorney Khaled Issa, he will aggressively fight to protect you and your liberty.

Penalties for White Collar Crimes

If you are found guilty of committing a white collar crime, you can be sentenced to substantial prison time, as well as equally substantial fines – in some cases exceeding $250,000.

Altered Or Counterfeited Card

Credit and debit card fraud has been growing in the State of Illinois. In response, the General Assembly has enacted many tough laws aimed at punishing those who commit credit and debit card related theft and fraud. One of these laws punishes those who alter or counterfeit cards, along with those who possess the altered and counterfeited cards. One variation of credit or debit card counterfeiting or alteration is by “re-encoding” the magnetic strip of a “fictitious” credit or debit card with an actual, active credit or debit card number for an individual with an account in good standing.

The Sentence

If 1) or 2) above:

  • Class 4 Felony
  • 1 to 3 years in state prison
  • Fine up to $25,000

If 3) or 4) above:

  • Class 3 Felony
  • 2 to 5 years in state prison
  • Fine of up to $25,000

Probation Possible? Yes.

Supervision Possible? No.

Contact a Tinley Park White Collar Crimes Defense Lawyer

White collar crimes are serious criminal offenses that must be handled by an attorney who has the knowledge and experience in handling similar cases and who will put the time in to defend you to the fullest extent of the law. white collar crimes attorney Khaled Issa, has been defending people accused of crimes for over 10 years. He and his staff have the experience, knowledge, aggressiveness, and thoroughness to defend you in court.

If you have been charged with a white collar crime in Orland Park, DuPage County, or Will County, please do not hesitate to call Attorney Khaled Issa at 708-966-2408 or contact us online. Attorney Issa and his staff can provide you with the legal representation you need to protect your rights and your freedom.

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