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Orland Park Personal Injury Lawyer for Expert Witnesses

New Lenox Serious Injury Attorney Helping Victims Develop Winning Personal Injury Claims

Using Expert Witnesses to prove various aspects of a case is important. Experts can be used for any of the following:


Insurance companies don't want to pay out money, let alone pay out big money. When you are seriously injured, you don't want to settle for getting 80% of what you deserve, even if that seems like a lot of money. You deserve 100% compensation. Especially in a situation where your injuries will last the rest of your life.

Getting you the absolute most money in settlement or at trial, if you are seriously injured, requires that your case be properly analyzed, developed and worked. There is a right way to do it, and a method to it. For instance, various expert witnesses may be needed who can develop, present and prove your case and your damages while working in conjunction with your attorney. Some of the expert witnesses that may be used include:

Vehicle Accident Reconstruction Experts.

Sometimes, an accident occurs but none of the people involved know exactly how it occurred. Or sometimes, the version of how the accident happened given by the other party is directly contrary to the truth, but the only other witness is you. That is where a qualified accident reconstruction expert can help solidify your case, and prove that the accident was not your fault, but the fault of the other party.

Liability Experts.

In truck accident cases, for instance, the right expert can prove that a truck was improperly loaded, or a load was not properly secured. We have used expert witnesses to prove that although a driver's breath-alcohol level was not over the legal limit when he took a breath test, his level exceeded the legal limit at the time of the crash. We have used an expert to run tests on a flooring surface and the chemicals used to clean it to show that the floor was exceedingly slippery, causing a woman to fall and sustain a serious fracture. That expert helped us obtain a six-figure settlement for a fractured ankle.

Medical Experts.

Certainly, your treating physicians and medical providers can be the experts most knowledgeable about your injuries and medical care. But sometimes, these experts may not be the best witnesses to testify at trial. We have used and have access to some of the best physicians in the country who not only are able to review all of your medical records and meet with you, but who also excel at testifying before a jury, relating to the jury, and explaining complex medical conditions in a way that allows lay persons to completely understand. Whether it is a brain doctor, a back doctor, a neurosurgeon or an orthopaedic surgeon, we are able to assess your injuries and damages and use the experts who will fit perfectly with your case and your situation.

Life Care Planners.

If your injury in extremely debilitating, and will severely affect you the rest of your life, we may use the services of an expert who will develop a life care plan. A life care plan, prepared by a qualified expert, will evaluate your disability and your unique situation. The expert will then prepare a report which includes your current needs, your future needs along with all of the costs associated with your needs. This is to insure that you will receive full compensation for the future effects of your injuries.

Vocational/Occupational Experts.

A vocational expert will examine your employment history and your ability to once again join the workforce. The expert determines the vocation or occupation you will be able to do, based upon your injuries, your disability, your medical care and treatment, along with taking into consideration your available job market, physical requirements and salaries, as an example. The expert will determine if you are employable, what jobs you may be able to undertake, and how much income you will lose because of the change in your employment status. We have successfully used vocational experts to make sure that our clients receive every cent of compensation to which they are entitled.

Day-In-The-Life Experts.

Sometimes, the best way for others to see life through your own eyes is to show them what a day in your life is like. A "day-in-the-life" video captures what it is like to live with your disability. Done properly by the right expert, the video will present a graphic representation of the severity of your injuries, and the impact your injuries have upon you every, single day, while performing normal activities of daily living. These videos help in settling the case because of their impact, but also, can have a profound effect on a jury if your case proceeds to trial. Choosing the right expert for this critical undertaking is essential, because of what must be portrayed, but also how the expert relates to you and your unique situation, with care and compassion.

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