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Personal Injury Settlements

Illinois Personal Injury Attorney Khaled Issa

$750,000 Settlement

Truck Accident/Back Injury. Our client was in a vehicle which was rear-ended by a semi-tractor trailer. Initial back injury was unresolved, necessitating back surgery. If you have been injured in a truck accident, you need and experienced Orland Park truck accident attorney.

$375,000 Settlement

Work Injury. While at work, our client was struck by pieces of the building roof which fell from above. The client sustained a lower back injury, but did not have surgery. Workers' Compensation law has changed recently and you need an attorney who is knowledgeable and will get you every penny you deserve. We are experienced Orland Park work injury attorneys.

$250,000 Settlement

Automobile Crash/Uninsured Motorist Claim. Our client was driving her vehicle down a road when an uninsured driver, traveling in the opposite direction, rear-ended another car, and then crossed the center line, striking the vehicle our client was driving. Our client sustained several fractures. The driver who was at fault, and uninsured, filed for bankruptcy. We were able to pursue an uninsured motorist claim through our client's own insurance company, and obtain a settlement for the full policy limits.

$155,000 Settlement

Auto Accident/Underinsured Motorist Claim. Our client was T-boned in an intersection due to a distracted driver. Our client sustained injuries requiring special injections to both the neck and low back. The distracted driver's insurance policy did not adequately compensate our client for their injuries. Our office can ensure that all dollar available to compensate our clients for their injuries are accessible to them.

$130,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. Our client was struck by a driver that blew a redlight in Orland Park, causing significant damage to both vehicles and requiring our client to be extracted by emergency personnel from her vehicle. After sustaining numerous fractures, our office obtained a total of $130,000 to compensate her from numerous insurance carriers. If you have been seriously injured by someone’s negligence, our office has the experience to ensure that you get every penny you deserve under the law.

$100,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. Our client's vehicle stalled in the middle of a busy roadway. An approaching vehicle failed to see our client's vehicle, striking our client's vehicle leading to a serious head injury. Our office will see to the fact that your injuries are serious to the insurance companies to get every dollar that you are entitled to.

$97,500 Settlement

Slip and Fall. Our client slipped and fell on oil on the ground at a retail store, sustaining an injury to his back. Slip and fall accidents are require an experienced slip and fall attorney to get you the best results. The law regarding slip and fall accidents is complex and you need an experienced Orland Park slip and fall attorney to get the best result possible.

$92,000 Settlement

Auto Accident. Our client was struck by a vehicle who failed to yield the right of way. Client's injuries necessitated lengthy treatment and injections. The injuries our client sustained severely hindered her quality of life for the period of treatment.

$68,000 Settlement

Truck/Commercial Vehicle Accident. Our client was struck by a commercial motor vehicle who failed to yield to our client as required by law. Our client required lengthy physical therapy treatment as conservative treatment was our client's best course of action due to prior, unrelated injuries sustained. Our office will make certain that your rights will be fought for even against major corporations and their attorneys.

$50,000 Settlement

Auto Accident/Underinsured Motorist Claim. Our client was struck by a vehicle that was stolen and fleeing police at the time. Our client sustained fractures of the jaw and ribs. Due to the nature of the fracture, they did not obtain any additional medical care. As the vehicle was stolen, it did not carry insurance. Our office ensures that our client was fairly compensated from all possible entities that are required to pay for our client's bills and injuries.

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