What Are Common Causes of an Illinois Parking Lot Car Accident?

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parking-lot-accidentsWhenever someone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, there is a risk of being involved in a car accident. In many cases, they are caused by motorists engaging in reckless behavior by going over the posted speed limit on our nation’s highways. However, accident reports show that a large number of collisions actually occur in parking lots. Various factors can cause parking lot crashes, but the majority are due to driver error. Although most people may not think they could be that serious, a parking lot car accident can result in serious to life-threatening and even fatal injuries depending on the circumstances. If you or your loved one were hurt in an auto accident, regardless of where it occurred, an experienced personal injury attorney can help you determine who is at fault and hold the negligent party responsible.

Actions That Increase the Risk of a Crash in a Parking Lot

Even if no speed limit signs are posted, there is an assumption that motorists should proceed slowly when driving in any type of parking lot since there are typically a lot of pedestrians walking through them. Some parking areas even have speed bumps to deter drivers from speeding in them. However, if someone is in a hurry, he or she may believe it is okay to go fast when pulling in and out of parking spaces. In most situations, the person pulling out of a spot should yield for other parties.

Similarly, a distracted driver may be looking down at his or her phone and not notice individuals walking in front or behind his or her car. When this type of reckless behavior occurs, a motorist may collide with a person on foot or other vehicles that are parked or moving near him or her. Before a driver exits a parking space, he or she should always check his or her surroundings and yield to automobiles driving through the incoming feeder lanes. Failure to pay attention to what is going on can be considered a form of negligence.

In order to prove a negligent driver is at fault for a crash, security video surveillance tapes may be used. Depending on the angle and proximity of the camera, this footage can show an accurate view of what actions led to the accident. Bystanders who witnessed the incident can also provide eyewitness testimonies about what occurred. In some cases, both parties may be partially at fault. As long as someone is less than 50 percent responsible for an accident, he or she can seek damages through a personal injury lawsuit.

Injuries Sustained in a Parking Lot Collision

Parking lot accidents are often referred to as a “fender benders,” but they can damage more than just a car’s front or back bumper. For example, if a distracted driver leaves his or her car in neutral, it can roll down an incline and crush an unsuspecting patron who is walking to his or her vehicle. Due to the weight and force of impact of the car, the person who is struck can suffer catastrophic injuries.

Occupants of cars that are struck by another vehicle can hit their head on the dashboard or windshield, resulting in a concussion or whiplash. Also, they can become pinned between the seat and the door, which can crush vertebrae and cause paralysis in some cases. A few of the types of injuries that a vehicle passenger or pedestrian can sustain in a parking lot collision may include:

  • Bruises/abrasions
  • Cuts/lacerations
  • Broken/fractured bones
  • Head trauma
  • Internal organ damage
  • Whiplash
  • Spinal cord damage

Contact an Orland Park, IL Personal Injury Attorney

If you are a victim of an accident in a parking lot, a personal injury claim can help you recover compensation for car repair expenses, medical bills, lost income, as well as pain and suffering. That is why it is critical that you consult an accomplished Orland Park car accident lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Khaled Issa has been practicing law for more than 10 years, and he has secured million-dollar settlements on behalf of his clients. To schedule a free and private consultation, call our office today at 708-966-2408.





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