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IL accident lawyerIn May of this year, a 27-year-old motorcyclist tragically lost his life after colliding with a passenger vehicle on the Kennedy Expressway. Illinois State Police report that the other vehicle did not stop after the collision and instead fled the scene of the accident.

Being the victim of a hit-and-run accident can be devastating. If you or a loved one were hurt in a motorcycle accident and the other driver sped off before insurance information could be exchanged, you may be unsure of your rights. Can you recover compensation for your medical bills and vehicle damage? What if the at-fault driver is never discovered?

Hit-and-Run Accidents Involving Motorcyclists

Riding a motorcycle puts a driver in an especially vulnerable position. Even if the driver is wearing a helmet and other protective gear, the motorcycle offers virtually no protection in the event of a collision. Consequently, fatal and catastrophic injuries are particularly common in motorcycle accidents. The economic consequences of a motorcycle accident can create a tremendous financial burden on an injured person and his or her family. Fortunately, injured motorcyclists may be able to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost income from missed work, and other damages.


Illinios accident lawyer, Illnois personal injury attorney,May is National Motorcycle Awareness Month. Part of being a responsible driver involves being aware of others on the road. It is important for motorists to understand that motorcyclists share the road with them. Simply noticing motorcycles can go a long way in preventing accidents with injuries. Due to the lack of protection for a motorcycle rider, injuries suffered in a crash can range from serious to fatal. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017, motorcyclists were 27 times more likely to lose their life in a collision per vehicle mile traveled. That is why it is imperative to practice safe driving techniques in an effort to mitigate the chance of being the victim of a motorcycle accident.

Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

Due to the difference in size and weight of motorcycles compared to automobiles and trucks, motorcyclists are often at a disadvantage in the event of an accident. In some instances, vehicle drivers do not think motorcycle riders have the same rights and responsibilities as them. However, in Illinois, motorcyclists must obey the same traffic laws as passenger car drivers. This includes not driving under the influence (DUI) of drugs or alcohol or driving distracted. Even if motorcyclists follow the rules of the road, they cannot control what other motorists or riders do when they get behind the wheel. In some cases, a reckless driver can collide with you if they are not paying attention and do not see you until it is too late.


How Common Are Motorcycle Accidents?

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Illinios accident lawyer, Illinois wrongful death attorney, Illnois personal injury attorney,Motorcycle ownership has many benefits compared to relying on a car for transportation. They are lighter, cost-effective in fuel, and often require less financial investment upfront than a car. However, many people avoid motorcycle use due to the associated dangers behind it, and the fear of getting in a motorcycle accident.

Despite the benefits of motorcycle ownership, they do provide less protection to drivers and riders than a standard car. Cars have a full external shell as well as added safety precautions such as airbags. To combat this, responsible motorcycle riders often wear safety gear. Helmets are not required in Illinois for adult riders but are one of the most impactful steps a motorcycle driver can take in regards to safety. A helmet may not completely prevent a head injury in the event of a crash, but it could keep a person alive. Heavy-duty jackets, boots, and gloves will also help protect a rider.

Even though most motorcyclists take safety precautions, it is still possible to get into an accident. Many motorcycle accidents occur because of car drivers not seeing the smaller vehicles. When a car is making a left turn and the driver is not paying attention, then it is easy to overlook a motorcycle - even if they are driving at a safe distance. Due to the reputation of motorcyclists, it is easy to give in to the bias that the person driving the more “dangerous” vehicle caused the accident. In Illinois, it is the plaintiff’s job to prove the negligence of the other driver for a personal injury case.


Illinios accident lawyer, Illnois personal injury attorney,Motorcycles are a unique form of transportation. They offer benefits like fun, are compact, and cheaper to fuel, but unfortunately, they also have a higher risk of fatal injury to the driver. Because the risk is higher while driving a motorcycle, you will see drivers with protective gear such as helmets. Compared to a car there is a lot less in the way between the driver and the road. This is why accidents involving a motorcycle should be handled differently than a collision between two cars.

Although motorcycle accidents took up 1% of accidents in Illinois in 2015, motorcycle drivers made up 14% of all fatalities overall. The percentage of motorcycle drivers injured did decrease, but the percentage of deaths increased from the year prior. According to the Illinois Department of Transportation, the majority of motorcyclists that were involved in an accident were driving straight ahead when the incident occurred. Here we will dive deeper into why motorcycle accidents are different than car accidents.

Higher Fatalities and Injuries:  With no protective barrier like a car, a motorcycle driver is more at risk for death and serious injuries. A protective suit can help against minor falls, but a motorcyclist’s body can potentially make direct contact with an oncoming car or truck. This lack of protection opens up to more serious injuries that could permanently damage the driver physically such as brain injury or spinal cord damage. This also makes motorcycle drivers more vulnerable to elements such as potholes and other road hazards.


Safety Tips for Motorcyclists

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Illinios accident lawyer, Illnois personal injury attorney,Operating a motorcycle is an exciting way to get around. However, according to the National Motorcycle Institute, driving a motorcycle is 27 times more dangerous than operating a car. Unlike a car or truck, as a driver, you are completely exposed to the environment around you. There are precautions like gear and helmets that can help keep motorists safe, but they only help if you wear them.

Does a Helmet Really Make a Difference?

Yes, wearing a helmet is 37 percent effective in preventing death and 67 percent effective in preventing brain injuries in a road accident. Protecting yourself is one thing, but being mindful on the road can prevent accidents and other people being injured. Addition to personal safety, here are some safety tips for operating a motorcycle. Be responsible: Bikers get a bad reputation of being mean-spirited misfits, but even the most grisly looking motorcycle rider can practice the rules of the road. As you would in a car, follow traffic lights and signs unless otherwise instructed by a member of law enforcement. Always use your turn signals and keep a reasonable distance between other vehicles. Remember that on a motorcycle you may be harder to see for some drivers. Wear bright clothing or reflectors to help others see you. Stay sober: The same rules for operating a car apply for driving a motorcycle when it comes to being under the influence of a substance. Motorcycle riders are almost three times more likely to be involved in an alcohol-related fatal accident than other vehicles on the road. Alcohol and other substances can alter your perception, making it a dangerous time to get on a motorcycle. Be educated: A motorcycle is a specialized machine, and like most machines, require knowledge to operate to one’s best ability. Taking a motorcycle rider course is not required by law in the state of Illinois, but if you are over the age of 18, it allows you to waive the written and driving portions of obtaining a motorcycle license. Another benefit of taking an Illinois Department of Transportation approved course is that you may be eligible for a discount on your motorcycle insurance.

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