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 Posted on June 29, 2012 in Car Accidents

A car crash on Lake Shore Drive injured five people, one critically, early Monday morning.  Reports indicate that the crash occurred at Balbo and Lake Shore Drive when a driver going northbound on Lake Shore Drive attempted to make a left turn westbound on Balbo.  That driver apparently did not wait for traffic to clear before making his turn, because a vehicle coming southbound on Lake Shore Drive collided with the vehicle when it attempted its turn.  Some reports have stated that one of the vehicles was caused to collide with a nearby ambulance after the initial impact.

Five of the people involved in the collision were taken by ambulance to area hospitals with one person being listed in critical condition.  Several lanes on southbound Lake Shore Drive were shut down while authorities investigated the collision.  However, the driver of the vehicle attempting the left turn was issued citations for failure to yield the right of way, operating a vehicle without insurance and damage to city property.

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