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Alcohol Present at Scene of Truck Crash on 1-355

 Posted on June 29, 2012 in Truck Accidents

Two trucks collided on Interstate 355 on the morning of June 16, resulting in a large amount of hard liquor being spilled onto the highway.  One of the trucks involved was a semi-trailer and the other was a smaller box truck.

According to police, the two trucks were proceeding through a construction zone southbound on I-355 near the town of Addison when the semi-trailer truck attempted to change lanes.  As the driver changed lanes the semi collided with the box truck, which then lost control.  The box truck then crossed through lanes of traffic and struck the concrete median, breaking open the box truck and spilling its contents of 350 cases of hard liquor onto the highway.

The truck drivers were both transported to a local hospital with reportedly minor injuries.  After an investigation was conducted, which left several lanes of I-355 closed during the morning commute, authorities determined the driver of the semi was at fault and issued him a citation for improper lane usage.

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