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Biking Safety

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Bicycle Safety

ChristineThe summer months are quickly approaching, and many people will be outside, enjoying the weather. From walking, to picnics, to swimming, outdoor activities are more common in the warmer months. One activity in particular is one that requires you to take safety precautions and be aware of your surroundings – biking. It is important to be safe and prepared on a bicycle. There are safe ways that you can make a biking experience safe and fun for you and your family this summer. There are many safety gadgets you  can buy for both yourself and your bike. First, a certified helmet is important to protect your head from severe injury in the case of an accident. There is other protective gear  you can wear, such as elbow and knee pads. It is important to dress appropriately while biking. Proper shoes that cover your toes, and clothing that does not get caught up in the bicycle as you ride are important. There are also bike accessories so that other people can see and hear you while you're riding.
  • Reflectors that can be seen about 500 feet away on the front of the bike
  • A headlight for night riding
  • Red rear reflectors seen from 100 to 600 feet away
  • Reflectors that are side mounted on the wheels and the pedals of your bike
  • In order to be heard as you approach pedestrians, a horn or bell should be on the handlebars.
The bike itself must be in good working condition. Brakes have to be adjusted to properly work. Gears that help shift and move the bike along need to be adjusted and well taken care of to ensure the bike will work smoothly. If your bike is single speed, you still need to make sure that the chain and sprocket work and are not rusted. Properly adjusted seats, handlebars and accessories to fit your height and built will help keep you safe as you ride. If, after following all the general guidelines for safety on your bike, you are injured in a crash with a vehicle, you should contact a personal injury attorney in the Orland Park area who will know how to fight for you.
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