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Can I Pursue Damages After an Electric Scooter Accident in Illinois?

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Illinios accident lawyer, Illnois personal injury attorney,Electric scooters or “e-scooters” as they are commonly known are a popular mode of transportation these days. Ideal for sightseeing in big cities like Chicago, they can also be used for commuters who want a way to get to the office without the hassle of traffic. Chicago’s 2020 E-Scooter Share Pilot program is allowing three e-scooter companies to operate in the city: Bird, Lime, and Spin. The 2020 pilot program runs from August to December, and it has been updated based on recommendations from users of the 2019 program. New regulations aim to enhance the safety of riders as well as nearby pedestrians or bicyclists. However, as with any motorized vehicle, there is a chance of being involved in an accident. Even if you own an e-scooter and you suffer an injury while riding it, you may be entitled to compensation depending on the circumstances. A skilled personal injury attorney can help you determine who is liable and hold them accountable so you can recover.

E-Scooter Safety to Avoid an Electric Scooter Accident

A new stipulation to this second pilot program requires all e-scooters to contain locks so riders can lock the device to a stationary object after they are done with their trip. This is being done in an effort to reduce cluttered sidewalks and maintain clear pathways for Chicago residents or visitors to the city, including those with disabilities who may be in wheelchairs. In addition, the e-scooter riders must abide by the following rules during their rental period:

  • Riders cannot travel at a speed over 15 mph
  • Users cannot use the e-scooters on sidewalks (only designated bike paths)
  • The scooters may only be operated from 5 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • Riders must wear protective helmets

Manufacturers of electric scooters are responsible for ensuring their products meet certain standards to ensure the safety of their customers. Therefore, any type of scooter should go through a quality inspection before being put out on the market to purchase or rent. Defective or faulty equipment can lead to brake or steering failure, directly causing a rider to collide with another rider, a pedestrian, or a fixed object such as a wall or median.

Contact an Illinois Personal Injury Lawyer

Electric scooters have gained notoriety in recent years, but they do not come without risks. If you or someone you know is hurt in an e-scooter accident, the injuries should be taken seriously and not ignored. In some situations, a negligent party may be found liable for your damages. That is why it is crucial that you consult a reputable Orland Park, IL personal injury attorney as soon as possible. With more than 10 years of legal experience, attorney Khaled Issa is well-prepared to handle any type of injury case and achieve a successful outcome for you or your loved one. Call us today at 708-966-2408 to arrange your free and confidential consultation.


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