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Men Infected with Legionnaire's Disease at Gym

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Class Action

liabilityLegionnaire’s disease is a bacterial infection that is not spread from person to person but rather through mist that is inhaled and contains bacteria.  Common causes of the disease include cooling towers, showers and air conditioning units.  Symptoms usually consist of chills, coughing, and a fever but can lead to a deadly form of pneumonia.  The disease itself is so deadly that between five to thirty percent of those who contract the disease die.  It is also a pretty rare disease with only 25 cases reported in DuPage County this year.

Two men from DuPage County were infected by the upper respiratory infection in October of this year.  Luckily they are in stable condition at area hospitals.  While it can be deadly, the recovery process can take up to four months.  That is why health officials from the County Health Department have acted so quickly to determine the cause of this recent outbreak and stop it from causing more damage.

The officials were able to narrow down the possible causes of the outbreak to a hot tub at a gym in Naperville.  At the LA Fitness on Freedom Drive, the hot tub has been closed for cleaning while the rest of the gym remains open.  The other areas of the facility were all tested and found to be free of the deadly bacteria.  While LA Fitness cooperated with the investigation, it seems like they didn't tell their members about the issue.

Most gyms are hosts for all kinds of bacteria.  They are typically wet, moist and hot environments where germs can multiply.  Typical infections can range from athlete’s foot to MRSA.  It seems impossible for gyms to keep their facilities free of infectious germs.  Yet waivers of liability make it difficult to sue a gym for compensatory damages.  If you have sustained an injury or disease from your gym, contact an experienced personal injury attorney in Orland Park today.

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