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New Rules Regarding Restricted Driving Permits in Illinois

 Posted on September 19, 2022 in DUI

illinois driver's license reinstatement lawyerWhat you thought would be a few drinks with friends has turned your life upside down. Now you are facing driving under the influence (DUI) charges and have lost your driving privileges. 

 At Issa Law, LLC, we understand that a license suspension can impact your peace of mind and your family’s well-being. Our experienced DUI attorneys will fight your driver's license suspension so that you can continue driving.

A Restricted Driving Permit Can Get You Back on the Road

New rules in Illinois went into effect this year, allowing you to drive 12 hours a day, six days a week, and up to 200 miles on a Restricted Driving Permit (RDP) without having to prove extreme hardship in certain cases. That would enable you to drive to work, take your children to school, or attend a medical appointment.

Even if your license is revoked due to two or three DUI convictions, you may be entitled to partial driving relief. You can expect to drive a vehicle with a Breath Alcohol Ignition Interlock Device (BAIID) for five years as a prerequisite for full reinstatement of your driving privileges.

These are some penalties for multiple DUI offenses related to license suspension:

2nd DUI

  • Loss of driving privileges for five years

  • Eligible for an RDP after a one-year suspension  

3rd DUI

  • Loss of driving privileges for ten years

  • Eligible for an RDP after a one-year suspension

4th DUI

  • Loss of driving privileges for life

  • Eligible for an RDP after a one-year suspension

If you have four or more DUI convictions, your driver’s license will be revoked indefinitely. You may be required to get an RDP for five years before you can request full license reinstatement. Do not try to manage this alone, especially if you rely on your license to earn a living. Our law firm is up to date on the latest DUI laws and rules. We will let you know what steps to take depending on the circumstances of your case. 

Fighting Suspension

The state frowns upon repeat offenders, and you could be charged with either a misdemeanor or felony DUI if specific aggravating circumstances are present. If you have multiple DUIs, the consequences also include heftier fines and prison time.

As a first-time offender, you can have your license suspended for six months if an alcohol concentration level of .08 or higher is detected. If you refused testing at the time of the arrest, your license could be suspended for one year. 

Expect your license to be automatically suspended at midnight on the 46th day after your arrest. You have the right to a hearing to fight the suspension, but you must act fast and file a petition. Keep in mind that most hearings are held after your suspension takes effect.

Contact an Orland Park Criminal Defense Attorney to Protect Your Livelihood

At the Law Offices of Issa Law, LLC, we know what is at stake and we will fight for you. We have more than 25 years of criminal law experience, helping clients avoid the severe consequences of DUI convictions. 

If you are facing DUI charges and cannot afford to lose your driver's license contact an experienced Illinois DUI attorney for guidance and assistance. Attorney Khaled Issa at Issa Law, LLC has the resources and expertise to help you regardless of the complexity of your case. Call 708-966-2408 for a free consultation.






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