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Recovering Damages for a Brain Injury in an Illinois Car Accident

 Posted on March 15, 2021 in Brain Injury

IL injury lawyerMarch is National Brain Injury Awareness Month. In recent years, there has been a lot of research conducted on traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), most notably concussions that are caused by sports. However, significant head trauma is often a result of a motor vehicle accident. The force of impact in a car crash can be severe, causing a driver and passengers to slam their head against the steering wheel, windows, or doors. In many head injuries, the brain is negatively affected, and the long-term consequences of it can be serious, often requiring medical treatment such as surgeries or therapy. Depending on the details surrounding the collision, a victim may be able to bring a personal injury claim against a negligent party.

Types of Head Trauma

Brain injuries can affect an individual’s speech, critical thinking skills, memory, and more. Physicians usually classify traumatic brain injuries into two main categories. Closed injuries do not fracture the skull but open injuries can break or penetrate the skull bone, leaving a person’s brain exposed to outside elements. This can lead to other complications, such as infections.

There are several different types of brain injuries that can occur, including:

  • Hematoma - A collection of blood vessels.
  • Contusion - Bruising of the brain.
  • Hemorrhage - Bleeding on or within the brain’s tissue.
  • Concussion - The brain is jostled around and hits the skull.
  • Edema - Excess accumulation of fluid in the brain.
  • Skull fracture - A crack or break in the skull.

Reckless Driving Behaviors

Numerous parties can be at fault for causing an auto accident. In some cases, defective vehicle parts can cause a driver to lose control of their vehicle and crash into the car in front of them. A manufacturer may be held liable if they did not adhere to quality control standards. In other situations, another motorist who is intoxicated or impaired by drugs can collide with other drivers since their reaction time, vision, and reasoning skills are all diminished. The need for speed for some drivers can also lead to a crash if they take a turn too fast and strike a nearby vehicle, median, or pedestrian. Accident reconstructionists and eyewitness testimonies may help in proving that one party acted negligently.

Contact an Orland Park, IL Personal Injury Lawyer

Any injury suffered in a car accident can drastically change someone’s life, but injuries to the brain can be especially debilitating. In many cases, victims may need extensive rehabilitation or assistive care for weeks, months, and even years after being involved in a crash. Our qualified Illinois personal injury attorney will fight for your rights to compensation. With more than 10 years of legal experience, attorney Khaled Issa has a proven success in obtaining compensation for victims of car accidents. Call us today at 708-966-2408 to arrange a free consultation.


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