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Safety Tips for Senior Drivers

Posted on in Cook County personal injury lawyer

senior driver, Tinley park car accident lawyer, Illinois driving, safety tips, Cook County attorneyAccording to statistics provided by the Federal Highway Administration, in 2012, there were about 23 million licensed drivers on the road who were 70 years and older. That number is approximately 11 percent of all licensed drivers.

It is estimated that by 2030, there will be almost 50 million vehicle drivers who are over 70 years of age. Insurance statistics show that claims for collision and property damage begin increasing when drivers are 65 years old or older. There is concern that because seniors tend to have a decrease in cognitive, visual and physical abilities, this could affect their driving. Routine driving, such as merging or changing lanes, can suddenly become stressful, causing a senior to panic or cause an accident.

The Mayo Clinic offers these safety tips for older drivers to help ensure safety behind the wheel:

  • It is important for seniors to remain physically active. This makes it easier to be able to physically operate the vehicle. Tasks such as turning the steering wheel and looking behind your shoulder while backing the vehicle can become difficult if a person does not have a regular fitness routine. Even simple activity such as walking and stretching can make a big difference.
  • Make sure to have regular vision and hearing examinations.
  • It is also important to follow a doctor’s directions in managing any chronic conditions. Deviating from what has been prescribed or not following doctor’s orders regarding any physical activity can put a senior driver at risk – as well as other drivers and pedestrians.
  • Make any adjustments that may be needed to satisfy whatever physical limitations there may be. This could even include getting another vehicle that includes options such as larger mirrors, power windows and locks and larger dashboard dials.
  • Consider the weather conditions when venturing out. And plan ahead. If directions are needed, get them ahead of time, whether by GPS or calling for directions. Find out if there are certain landmarks that will help confirm you are going in the right direction.
  • Enroll in a driver refresher course. Check your community for courses geared specifically for seniors. Also check with your insurance company and see if a safety course will earn you a discount on your auto insurance.
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