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Squad Car Responding to Shooting Incident Responsible for Hitting Young Girl at Play

 Posted on June 19, 2012 in Car Accidents

A man was shot on the South Side of Chicago on Saturday evening.  Responding police officers were alerted to the 5400 block of South Laffin due to initial reports that a 30 year old man was shot in the hand and the arm around 5 pm.  When they reached that area of the city, the police officers investigated the witnesses to find that the suspects were fleeing the area in a blue Cadillac.  Chicago police News Affairs officer Daniel O’Brien said that at that time the responding patrolmen followed the suspects towards the east on West 52nd street and then south on South Peoria.

It is believed by authorities that the violence was gang-related though the man attacked was safe and sound after being treated at a local hospital. The police at this time are still investigating this incident.

While in hot pursuit of the assailants, the squad car collided with a 6-year old near the 5200 block of South Peoria.  The paramedics took the girl in stable condition to the University of Chicago Comer Children’s Hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.  By Saturday night, the child was listed in good condition by the hospital.

This car accident had a happy ending because the child ended up being safe.  It is a terrible thing to lose a child which should never happen to any parent.  The reality of this world is that car accidents are the leading cause of injury related death for children from the age of 14 and younger.  When a child is hurt or killed by a preventable accident there are many emotions that are unleashed.  It is impossible to take all the stress and pain without the proper guidance.  Please contact the law offices an experienced and determined personal injury lawyer who will be dedicated to ensuring the correct legal action is taken in your case.

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