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The Police Must Have Probable Cause to Arrest

 Posted on August 19, 2011 in Criminal Law

When you are charged with a crime, especially a serious crime, you need a criminal attorney who can examine every aspect of the case, from the time you were arrested until the time you were released on bond.  Many times, police violate the rights of the accused under both the Illinois and Unites States Constitutions.  When charged with a crime, you need and experienced, creative, aggressive, criminal attorney who will fight for your rights, not just tell you to plead guilty.  A recent opinion from the Illinois Court of Appeals is an excellent example of defending a client to the fullest extent of the law.

A person was standing at a drug spot, on the street, yelling “dro, dro”.  The police arrested him for violating a city ordinance prohibiting solicitation of unlawful business on the street.  Of course, when he was searched by the police after the arrest, the police found a rather large quantity of drugs in his possession.  The arrest was challenged, contending the police did not have probable cause for the arrest.  The court found that there was probably cause, and the defendant was sentenced.  On appeal, the court found that the police did not have probable cause to believe a crime or ordinance violation was being committed or about to be committed.  The defendant won his case on appeal.

Do you want an attorney who will look at a case like this and tell you there is nothing he can do, and that the police have a good case?  Or do you want an attorney who will challenge the arrest and fight for you? Contact Orland Park Criminal Attorney Khaled Issa today.

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