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 Posted on July 03, 2012 in Car Accidents

The eastbound Borman expressway in Northwest Indiana was shut down last week after two semi-trailer trucks collided.  The accident happened when one semi changed lanes to avoid a police car which was partially blocking the right lane and was rear-ended by a semi traveling in the middle lane of traffic.  The driver of the rear semi became pinned in his vehicle and had to be extricated by emergency crews.  All eastbound traffic on the Borman was stopped so a rescue helicopter could airlift that driver to a nearby hospital.

Interestingly, the police car which was partially blocking the right lane was an unmarked car driven by an off-duty Calumet City police officer.  The officer operating that unmarked vehicle acted to pull over a car which was obviously being driven by a drunk driver.  However proper the officer’s intentions, the incident has left some asking why a Calumet City police officer who was off-duty was acting to pull over a drunk driver in Indiana.  Such speculation has led some to believe this is an accident which could have been avoided had the drunk driver been dealt with by local authorities who were on duty an in properly marked and lit police vehicles.

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Source: Chicago Tribune

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