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Watch Out for That Icy Walkway: Seniors Especially Susceptible to Slip and Fall Injuries

 Posted on December 00, 0000 in Personal Injury

senior slip and fall injuries, Illinois personal injury attorneyEvery year, over 1.5 million older Americans visit hospital emergency rooms for treatment of injuries they sustain from slips or falls. For seniors, falls are the number one cause of injury death, hospital admission for traumas, and bone fractures. The most common fractures from falls are hips, pelvis, spine, arm, hand, and ankle.

The most serious type of fracture for seniors is a hip fracture. Many seniors who receive a hip injury from a fall never fully recover and lost their ability to live independently, often needling long-term care.

A recent study by the researchers from the University of Massachusetts found that seniors are more likely to suffer a slip or fall while they are walking on order to do routine errands, rather than when they are walking for exercise. The study points out what a catch-22 this is for older people as walking is good exercise and helps them maintain balance and muscle strength, yet 63 percent of falls are caused by walking.

The study looked at the walking habits of 765 men and women who were 70 years or older. The majority of falls members of the group had suffered happened when the person was walking for errands, not recreation. Another factor the study points out is that seniors in poorer neighborhoods are more likely to be out walking to run errands, not for exercise, and had a higher incident of falls.

Many of these falls occurred on sidewalks, curbs, and streets, which is something that municipal planners should keep in mind when designing improvements for walking areas. These areas were four times more likely than recreation areas where a senior suffered falls.

Under Illinois law, it is up to property owners to maintain their property and ensure there are no unsafe conditions that would pose a hazard and cause injury. One of those conditions, which is especially prevalent this time of year, is making sure surfaces are not icy, which could definitely cause a senior, or a person of any age, to fall and receive serious injuries.

If you have suffered injuries from a slip or fall caused by a negligent property owner, contact an experienced Orland Park personal injury attorney to find out what legal recourse you may have against the property owner for your pain and loss.

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