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Will I Go To Jail For Charges Related to Possession of Meth?

 Posted on July 18, 2023 in Criminal Law

Orland Park Criminal LawyerBeing arrested for methamphetamine possession in Illinois can be a daunting experience. While each case is unique, it is crucial to understand the possible legal consequences one may face in such a situation. While the state takes a tough stance on meth-related offenses, such as possession, the outcome of the charge is dependent on various factors. Today, we will explore the potential legal consequences of being convicted of meth possession. As with any drug charge, contacting a criminal defense lawyer is essential to protecting your rights throughout the legal process. 

Legal Consequences 

Upon being arrested for meth possession in Illinois, an individual may face several legal consequences. Possession of meth, a Schedule II-controlled substance, is deemed to be a felony drug offense in Illinois. If convicted for possession of 4.9 grams or less of meth, this is considered a class 3 felony, carrying between 2-5 years in prison and fines up to $25,000. If convicted for possession of between 5 to 14.9 grams, the penalty is between 3-7 years in prison and fines up to $25,000. Like with many drug charges, the severity of the consequences is directly linked to the amount you are convicted for possessing. 

What Mitigating Factors May Exist? 

While jail time is certainly a possibility, it is important to understand that the exact consequence will depend largely on the unique circumstances in your case. Factors such as the quantity of meth that you are accused of possessing, your criminal history, and your cooperation with law enforcement can all influence the outcome. Your criminal defense attorney will be invaluable throughout your case, as they will be responsible for developing a defense strategy as well as exploring any possible alternatives to jail time, such as rehab programs or negotiating a plea bargain.

Defense Strategies to Consider

As in any drug possession case, it is crucial to challenge the evidence against you. Your defense attorney may seek to examine the circumstances of the arrest for any procedural errors or errors in the search warrant. They may also question the evidence's admissibility or lab results' accuracy. Additionally, if you are suffering from addiction, this may be an avenue for defense, as it may help mitigate your culpability. 

Contact an Orland Park, IL Criminal Defense Lawyer

When facing meth possession charges in Illinois, incarceration is a potential consequence. The gravity of the legal consequences will depend on various factors unique to your case, as well as the skill of your defense attorney. For esteemed legal representation, contact the respected Orland Park, IL criminal defense attorney with Issa Law, LLC. Call 708-966-2408 for a free consultation. 



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