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Woman from Suburbs backs car over Daughter

 Posted on July 25, 2012 in Car Accidents

According to an article in the Chicago Tribune, a woman from Steger ran over her infant child while backing up her vehicle in her driveway on July 18th.  40-year-old Yvette Y. Guerrero-Silva accidently ran over her baby while under the influence shortly after 7 pm.  When she admitted to consuming numerous alcoholic beverages before operating her minivan the police took her into custody.

Holly Silva was the 19-month-old daughter who was ran over by her mother.  Prior to the accident, Holly was playing around the vehicle in the 1100 block of Main St in Crete.  After Holly was transported to St. James Hospital, she was pronounced dead.  The police report noted that the death was due to massive head trauma.  Although the autopsy report only referred to the multiple injuries sustained from the car accident.

Yvette’s blood alcohol level was over the limit to drive legally.  As a result, she was charged with two counts of aggravated DUI and was held at the Will County Detention facility.  The first count of aggravated DUI is a Class 2 felony because it resulted in death.  The second count was a Class 4 felony because it resulted in accident.  Since Yvette’s accident occurred on a suspended license, she may face additional charges.   The judge trying the case set the bond at $1 million.

The charges for such an unfortunate accident carry long prison terms.  If convicted of the Class 2 felony resulting in death, Yvette could be sentenced to up to seven years in prison. The conviction of a Class 4 felony, like the charge resulting in injury, carries an additional sentencing range of up to three years in prison.  If you are facing charges for an accident involving a car, a motorcycle, or a pedestrian, make sure you have the proper legal representation.  Contact an expert personal injury in Orland Park, IL today to protect your future.

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