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 Posted on July 03, 2012 in Car Accidents

A woman was killed Sunday afternoon when the vehicle in which she was a passenger lost control and was struck by another vehicle.  Authorities and witnesses say that the vehicle in which the woman was a passenger lost control on a turn which was left wet and slippery from recent rains.  When that vehicle lost control it veered into the opposite lane of traffic and was t-boned on the passenger door by a vehicle coming in the opposite direction.

The drivers of each of the vehicles were both taken to area hospitals where one remains in serious condition.  Witnesses say that neither vehicle appeared to be speeding at the time of the collision.  Of course, the fact that a vehicle wasn’t speeding does not mean that it was driving at a safe speed for the slippery conditions that were present on the road at the time, particularly when approaching a curve in the road.

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Sources: Frankfort Patch, Herald News, Chicago Tribune.

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