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Il dog bite lawyerWhen you think of a dog, you likely think of a happy, tail-wagging companion that is a common addition to families across the world. However, it is very easy to forget that while dogs can be part of the family, they are still living creatures that can sometimes act unpredictably and lash out if they feel the need. According to the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) and the Insurance Information Institute (III), there are an estimated 85 million dogs in the U.S., however, insurance companies paid out around $854 million in claims relating to dog bites in 2020 alone. If you have been bitten by a dog in Illinois, you are likely eligible for claiming compensation for your injuries.

Illinois’ Animal Control Act and Liability

In the state of Illinois, owners are responsible for the actions of their animals in nearly all situations. If a person is bitten by a dog, the owner of that dog is liable for the injuries that the dog causes. Specifically, the Illinois Animal Control Act states that a person is responsible for civil remedies for injuries caused by their dog biting a person if the person was in a place that they were legally allowed to be and the dog was not provoked.

Dangerous Dogs and the Law

Nobody wants to believe that their canine companion is dangerous, but there are occasions where dogs can be unpredictable. Dogs can be deemed “dangerous” or “vicious” by the state under certain circumstances, in which case, the owners would be notified of their dog’s status in writing. In some situations, a person who is bitten by a dog is bitten by one who has a history of dangerous behavior or biting. In these cases, the owner would have even more of a responsibility to ensure his or her dog is not a danger to others.


IL injury lawyerWhen you have an injury or illness that needs treatment, you want to believe that the people you are seeking help from know what they are doing and have the skills to keep you safe. Unfortunately, medical malpractice is not an uncommon occurrence. According to the National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB), which compiles information about adverse actions and malpractice payments across the country, there have been more than 58,000 adverse actions or medical malpractice claims paid out since 2020. It is fair to say that everyone makes mistakes, but when you are handling something as serious as someone’s health, negligence is unacceptable. If you have experienced the effects of a negligent physician, you may be able to file a medical malpractice claim to gather compensation.

Elements of a Medical Malpractice Case

In general, medical malpractice is characterized by a physician’s negligent action to harm a patient, causing them to suffer a loss. In order for an injury to be a malpractice case, there must be three separate elements present: a clear violation of the standard of care, an injury that resulted from the violation, and damages that result from the injury. Without all three of these elements, you do not have a medical malpractice case.

  • Violation of the standard of care: A negligent action can come from a physician or other healthcare professional in a variety of ways. In general, however, a negligent action is typically a deviation from the standard course of treatment utilized and accepted by most physicians under similar circumstances.
  • An injury that arose from the violation: You must be able to prove that you suffered an injury from that violation. It is not sufficient to say that the physician simply violated the standard of care - you must also be able to show your injury, or in some cases, death.
  • Damages that were sustained from the injury: Finally, you should be able to show that you sustained damages because of the injury that you sustained from their violation of the standard of care. Damages could include funeral or burial costs if the patient died, or it could include things like disability and lost wages for a patient that suffers an injury.

Our Orland Park, IL Medical Malpractice Attorneys Are Here to Help

It only takes one small mistake to change a person’s life. If you or a loved one has been injured at the hands of a physician or other medical professional, you should discuss your case with an Illinois medical malpractice lawyer. Issa Law, LLC, has the knowledge and experience to protect your interests when negotiating fair compensation for your injuries. To schedule a free consultation, call our office today at 708-966-2408.


IL defense lawyerIn some cases, a workers’ compensation claim is fairly straightforward -- either the worker suffered from a blatantly clear work injury, like suffering a broken bone from something falling on it while working. In other cases, there may be hesitation or uncertainty when it comes to paying benefits for certain injuries. For example, many repetitive motion injuries can be questionable for many employers to cover under workers’ compensation. Carpal tunnel injuries can be painful and debilitating, which is why you need to retain the assistance of an attorney if your workers’ compensation claim for a carpal tunnel injury was denied.

What Is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve, a large nerve that runs down your arm to your hand, is compressed or pinched in the passageway from your arm to your hand. That passageway is called the carpal tunnel, which the median nerve must pass through to get to the hand. If the median nerve is pinched, a person may experience numbness or tingling in the hand, and sometimes pain. Symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome include:

  • Weakness in your hand
  • Difficulty grasping or holding things
  • Tingling or numbness in your hand, thumb, index, middle, or ring fingers
  • Pain, burning, or tingling that moves up into your arm

Causes of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome in the Workplace

There are various causes of carpal tunnel syndrome, but it can sometimes be difficult to pinpoint the exact cause of the syndrome. The actual cause of carpal tunnel syndrome is pressure on the median nerve, but certain things can increase the risk that this will happen. Some risk factors are biological, meaning they are things that cannot be helped, such as sex or having other nerve-damaging conditions, like diabetes. However, there are also environmental factors that play a part in carpal tunnel syndrome development. In many cases, your line of work can be a factor in carpal tunnel syndrome development. Those who are in occupations that require repetitive or prolonged wrist movements such as manufacturing, computer work, musician, or even construction work, are at a higher risk for developing carpal tunnel syndrome.


IL accident lawyerWe have all felt it before -- the feeling of annoyance mixed with anger and frustration that manifests and appears when we are behind the wheel of our vehicles. Driving can be a stressful activity for some people, especially those who experience extreme anger and frustration while driving. In some cases, aggressive driving or road rage can contribute to or even be the cause of some motor vehicle accidents, which can result in serious injuries. In many cases, damages sustained from injuries resulting from an aggressive driver can be claimed in a personal injury lawsuit.

What Is Aggressive Driving?

In general, aggressive driving is considered to be any action taken by a driver that endangers the lives or safety of themselves or others. Aggressive driving can include any behavior that a driver deliberately engages in with ill intentions or a disregard for the safety of others on the road. It is important to note that there is a difference between aggressive driving and “road rage.” Even though both instances involve angry drivers, road rage only occurs when the aggressive driving elevates to the driver intentionally means to cause the other driver physical harm.

Aggressive Driving Behaviors to Watch Out For

Aggressive driving is a serious issue. According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), aggressive driving behaviors played a role in 56 percent of fatal motor vehicle accidents during a four-year period. The best way to protect yourself while driving is to watch out for other drivers who may be exhibiting aggressive driving behaviors. These can include:


IL accident lawyerOne of the most stressful events that you could ever experience in life is the death of a loved one. While we will all have to experience the loss of someone close to us at one point or another, experiencing that loss unexpectedly can be even more stressful than it would usually be. When you suddenly lose a loved one, you now have expenses that you were not planning for and in some cases, even financial losses that can devastate your family. Thankfully, you have the right to file a wrongful death lawsuit if another person is at fault for the death of your loved one.

Filing a Wrongful Death Claim

Wrongful death lawsuits can cover a variety of actions, both intentional and unintentional, that are taken by individuals that cause the death of another person. For example, a common reason why wrongful death claims are filed are from deaths from car accidents. In most cases, a wrongful death claim involves a personal injury claim that could have been made by the deceased individual if they were still alive.

However, obviously rather than the deceased individual, his or her spouse or close family member is permitted to file the wrongful death claim for the losses associated. In most cases, the statute of limitations for a wrongful death case is two years after the incident. However, if the incident involved violent intentional conduct, the state of Illinois allows for a five-year statute of limitations.

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